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Geneageek: Chiropody at Trentham

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Chiropody at Trentham

I've finally managed to scan some of my grandmother's photos that I brought back from my holidays.
This one appears to be a photograph of a sketch:

'Chiropody at Trentham' - Buchan 1916

On the back, my grandmother has written "Done by Charles Buchan during WWI.  He was in medical unit doing chiropody".

Charles BUCHAN was my grandmother's father.  She had written a letter to me years ago, when I first became interested in family history, in which she told me:
"Dad had a slight heart problem (valve) so had not been accepted for active service & ended up in medical corp & it was there that he did his training (or experience) in CHIROPODY (lots of feet there to practice on) & on returning to NZ, decided to set himself up as CHIROPODIST much to Grandma Reid's disapproval. 'Why on earth would he decide to out on his own, when CLUFFS (or whoever) would have been more than happy to re-employ him?'"
Grandma REID was Charles' mother-in-law, who seemed to be a rather stern sort (maiden name - Janet HUNTER - grandaughter of James BROWN).  I've tried to research 'Cluffs' and its variations but came up blank (any help from New Zealand would be welcome).

While trying to find out more about Trentham Military Camp, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this page from Archives New Zealand :

There was no mention of Charles by name or any further information on his drawing but a look around provided me with another World War One sketch by my ancestor:

Swabbing While You Wait - another drawing by Charles Buchan, 1916

I had never seen this picture before and got very excited.  I will be contacting the archives to see if I can obtain a copy of the second image or at the very least if they will credit the images to Charles.

Trentham Camp and Upper Hutt District, 1914-1918

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Anonymous toeslayer said...

Very interesting. I worked at the CIT next to the army camp in the early 90s and was head of the podiatry department.

10 May 2010 at 03:05  
Blogger GeneaGeek said...

Thanks for commenting.
Please excuse my ignorance but what is the CIT?
Also, do you know if there was any kind of chiropodist/podiatrist register in the past (I presume there's one now)

11 May 2010 at 20:56  

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