Monday, 14 June 2010

More Chiropody at Trentham

My mother found more of my great grandfather's cartoons depicting Trentham military training camp (New Zealand) in World War I (see the original post here):

That First Trentham Feeling
on Trentham Pebbles in Bill Massey's boots
(Buck - Copyright)

Recruits Coming into Camp
(Buck.17. Copyright 1917 - Trentham)

S.M. Try one on his head Sergeant
[sign] Massey's Massage Institute - hours any old time - cupping done gratis
[sign] Notice - Don't hurry - Wait your turn
("Buck" Copyright 1917 - Trentham)

Innokulatin dun ere - Don't sass the dokter - By order
(copyright Buchan)

Bill Massey was New Zealand's prime minister at the time.

I received a reply from Archives New Zealand.  Unfortunately, they seemed to ignore my request to accredit the images to Charles BUCHAN and instead focussed on which records I could access for a fee.

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